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  1. Mobile Generators

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    Generators are extremely useful pieces of equipment – they are your own personal power plant, turning fuel into electricity when you need it on-demand. There are a number of different generators out there, both permanent and mobile, and ranging from units that a single person can carry to units that require a vehicle to move.

    G290 Mobile Generators

    Benefits of Mobile Generators

    Mobile generators offer maneuverability and flexibility that a permanent generator cannot. While mobile generators may have reduced output capabilities – after all, there is only a finite amount of weight that can easily be towed around and positioned in sometimes soft ground – you can move them from site to site. While a semi-permanent or permanent generator may take days to install and get going, a mobile generator can generally be dropped right on site and started up immediately.

    Mobile generators also offer the ability to be swapped out for maintenance easily. Where a permanent generator will have to be powered down and may cause a site to be without power for a little bit, a mobile generator can be swapped out for another mobile generator when maintenance is needed, leading to minimal downtime.

    Times When You’ll Want  Mobile Generator

    • Emergencies – Everything from fires, to tornadoes, to accidents can knock out power, and in an emergency, having power can be the difference between life and death. A mobile generator ensures power, regardless of the remoteness or urgency of an emergency.
    • Outdoor Events – Running hundreds or thousands of feet of temporary wiring from the closest hard-wired power point can be dangerous. When an outdoor event requires power, a mobile generator can be placed at an advantageous spot, minimizing electrical hazards, trip hazards, and the need to buy thousands of feet of electrical wiring.
    • Job Sites – Especially in the early phases of a project, you may find the need for electricity for power tools and lighting before electric has been run to the site. A mobile generator means you can move from job site to job site, and always be sure that your tools will have the power they need to do the job.
    • Power Back-up – At home or at your business, power outages can strike at any time. A mobile generator can provide immediate response, and it can be stowed off-site or in a storage building when not needed, so it stays out of your way.

    Here at Central Diesel, we carry the best in Doosan Infracore Generators. These heavy-duty generator systems are designed for the rigors of special event, construction job site, and emergency usage. Mounted on wheeled platforms, they can be towed to where they are needed, and removed when you need to move them to the next site. So contact us today to find out how we can help your mobile generator needs!

  2. Where are Diesel Engines Used?

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    When most people think of diesel engines, they envision a big rig truck going down the highway.  Trucks aren’t the only place where diesel engines are used though.  Many different types of vehicles use diesel engines due to their efficiency and durability, and many industries rely on them to carry out important tasks.  Besides vehicles, important tools like generators are also run by diesel engines as they are a better bet not to fail than a gasoline powered generator.

    Where are Diesel Engines Used

    Diesel Engines Uses and Applications:

    • Passenger Cars:  In Europe and India, passenger cars powered by diesel engines are very common.  At city speeds, diesel engines tend to be more economical than gasoline powered engines.  They also tend to last longer, making them more reliable.  Diesel-powered cars are generally considered a low CO2 option, making them popular for the environmentally conscious in Europe as well.  While not all that common in the United States, they could grow in popularity as drivers continue to want to lower the carbon emissions of the vehicle they drive.
    • Railroad Locomotives:  Diesel engine locomotives are popular throughout the world in areas where track electrification is not feasible.  They are the engine type of choice for cargo hauling freight trains which have heavier loads and require a strong engine.
    • Marine Vehicles:  Many different types of marine vehicles from cruise and cargo ships to privately owned leisure boats use diesel engines.  Reciprocating diesel engines are used in many marine vehicles due to their fuel economy and operating simplicity as compared to other engine types.  Their ability to power larger vehicles makes them a popular choice for ships and boats.
    • Construction and Farming Equipment: The reliability and power of diesel engines make them the engine of choice for large construction equipment like front loaders and bulldozers.  Diesel engines are also used in many types of farming equipment, such as tractors due their durability and efficiency.

    At Central Diesel we offer a variety of different diesel engines for various applications.  Visit our website to see our full product line and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest company news and updates.

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