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Diesel Engines 101

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Click to Expand Diesel engines are high-powered, highly efficient compression-ignition engines used in most industrial sectors in some capacity. At Central Diesel, Inc., we bring the advantages of diesel to customers in construction, marine, automotive, industrial, military, railroad, agriculture, government, mining, and more. We proudly supply premium diesel engines and components alongside comprehensive repair and […]

Diesel vs. Gas Engine: Life Expectancy, Emissions, Efficiency

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  When comparing diesel and gasoline engines, diesel engines are ultimately considered superior to gas engines in heavy-duty vehicles because of their improved fuel efficiency and longer life expectancy. They are often the preferred engine type for vehicles such as emergency vehicles, bulldozers, dump trucks, excavators, ships, semi-trucks, and trains. Diesel vs Gas: Understanding the […]

CDI continuing to support and attend ADS as our predessors did in the very beginning?

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  A Background of ADS and the ADS International Convention The Association of Diesel Specialists (ADS) is the leading trade association of the international diesel industry. Its members are independent repair shops that specialize in diesel fuel injection, governor, drive-in, and turbocharger service, as well as original equipment manufacturers, distributors, and diesel mechanic training schools. […]

Give Your Security Team a Boost with Mobile Safety Products

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Over the course of June – National Safety Month – the National Safety Council raised awareness of the most common causes of injury and death in the workplace and helped companies develop effective strategies to ensure the safety and health of their workers. As a proud supporter of National Safety Month, we wanted to take […]

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Meeting Clean Fuel Challenges for Common Rail Fuel Systems in Current and Future EPA Engines

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At Central Diesel, Inc., we’re often asked why it can be difficult to maintain fuel systems and why it’s necessary to replace fuel filters so often. To answer these questions, it’s important to first look at all the facts and details when it comes to these types of systems. To start, Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel […]

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The Future of Engines & Fuel: A 2018 Outlook

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It is next to impossible to imagine the world in existence without the origin of early power sources. In fact, the early 19th century is noted for its “power gap” where a lot of stalled progress was made on the back of the invention of the engine. Over the last few decades, massive changes have swept […]

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Business Benefits of Reducing Your Carbon Footprint in the Transportation Industry

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Environmental Benefits of Equipment Maintenance Being a leader in either the transportation or energy industry means taking on a knowledgeable role in environmental impact. Keeping your equipment maintained and up-to-date is one of the best ways to reduce your TCO (Total Carbon Output) ratio. Properly retaining your diesel engine is especially important to decrease emission […]

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