Central Diesel Inc. is an experienced distributor of diesel engines and diesel engine components. One of our core product offerings is exhaust systems, which play a vital role in diesel engines by collecting exhaust fumes, removing the harmful compounds from them, and releasing them away from the system. This function is important as it keeps operators and passersby safe and ensures emissions comply with environmental standards. Below, we highlight our exhaust system products and some of the industrial applications in which they are used.


Types of Diesel Exhaust Systems at Central Diesel

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Diesel Exhaust Systems from Central Diesel

We distribute a broad selection of exhaust system components and accessories from various manufacturers to suit different diesel system applications. Customers can choose the components that best meet their system requirements, ensuring their complete exhaust system has the best form, fit, and function during installation and operation.

Our product offerings include:

Catalytic housings: These standalone components are a suitable bolt-on solution for existing silencer systems. They have a heavy-duty, all-welded construction throughout that optimizes the performance of the catalytic converter while protecting it from harsh environmental conditions. An easy-access hatch type design retains and protects up to two catalyst elements, while continuously welded containment rings and a full-perimeter gasket around the catalyst(s) help prevent exhaust blow-by and a perforated diffuser plate and transition cones ensure even flow distribution across the catalyst(s). They come in standard inlet sizes ranging from 2 to 24 inches. Special order and custom variations are available for highly specific customer applications.

Catalytic combination units: These combination units combine catalytic and silencing operations into a single system. They can accommodate up to two catalyst elements with a zero leakage guarantee and even exhaust flow distribution across the catalyst(s). They come in standard inlet sizes ranging from 2 to 24 inches. Special order and custom variations are available for highly specific customer applications.

Catalyst monitoring systems: These components help achieve and maintain the proper system conditions. They provide warnings when temperature and/or pressure values are falling out of tolerance or are out of tolerance.

Cylindrical silencers: These components are installed to the round inlet or discharge sides of exhaust systems to reduce noise. We offer them in numerous variations to fit different standard and tandem engine applications, including industrial grade, residential grade, critical grade, and hospital grade.

Low-pressure drop silencers: These components are used in noise attenuation applications where low pressure drops are critical. We offer them in residential grade and critical grade variations.

Disc silencers: These components are suitable for noise attenuation in limited-space areas. We offer them in standard and high-pressure variations. Critical grade and hospital grade silencers are available.

Spark arresting silencers: These components are designed for noise attenuation in explosion-prone areas. They trap or destroy nearly all of the sparks expelled by diesel engines that can cause accidental ignition or combustion. We offer them in industrial grade, residential grade, critical grade, and hospital grade variations. US standard and ATEX models are available.

Silencer accessories: Our silencer accessories complement our silencer products, ensuring they operate and perform as expected.

Industries That Utilize Diesel Exhaust Systems

Exhaust systems are found in the diesel engines of a wide range of industries. By collecting, processing, and directing exhaust gases, they help ensure the equipment is operator-safe and eco-friendly. Some of the industries that regularly turn to us for their diesel engine and exhaust system needs include:

The agricultural industry: Diesel engines power over 65% of farming equipment. Exhaust systems help ensure the operations that use this equipment do not produce exhaust gases that can poison operators or contaminate products.

The construction industry: Backhoes, bulldozers, bucket loaders, cranes, earthmovers, excavators, pavers, and other construction machinery rely on diesel engines to provide the horsepower needed for operation. Optimized exhaust systems help enhance horsepower, improve emission quality, and reduce noise levels.

The government and military industries: Government and military machinery, such as logistic trucks and heavy artillery, often rely on diesel engines due to their high power capacities. In these critical applications, a durable and reliable exhaust system is essential to dependable equipment performance.

The industrial/manufacturing industry: Diesel engines are used alongside many machines and vehicles in the industrial sector as they provide the power and performance needed to get the job down right. The right exhaust system can help increase productivity while decreasing maintenance downtime and costs.

The marine industry: Diesel engines are commonly used in barges, workboats, ships, and cargo handling equipment. Utilizing the latest in exhaust system technology helps the systems provide superior power capacity, fuel efficiency, and air quality.

The mining industry: The mining industry utilizes almost $7 billion in diesel-powered equipment. Diesel engines offer the power and performance needed to accommodate and withstand demanding operations. Quality exhaust systems are key to ensuring they work as intended.

The transportation industry: Diesel engines are used widely throughout the transportation industry due to their fuel efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Exhaust systems help them provide optimal power and performance in various applications.

Quality Exhaust Systems at Central Diesel

Due to the critical function exhaust systems perform in diesel engines, it is essential to select and source them from a reliable supplier. If you’re looking for a quality exhaust system for your diesel engine application, turn to the experts at Central Diesel! We supply a range of exhaust system components and accessories to meet different diesel engine needs. To learn more about exhaust system offerings, check out our exhaust system product catalog or contact us today. For specific product questions or pricing details, request a quote.

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