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Central Diesel is your go-to partner for high-performance diesel engines! Since 1972, we’ve been a leading provider of engines, parts, and services for brands like Aeroquip, Garrett, Mitsubishi, and more. The quality of our equipment is matched by our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. We’ve made it our mission to serve those who need quality diesel engines and our business partners and suppliers. If you need a new diesel engine that is reliable, efficient, and powerful, let us be the first ones you call.

Learn more about Mitsubishi diesel engines, their applications, the models we carry, and more.

Why Choose Mitsubishi Diesel Engines

All engines aren’t created equal. Mitsubishi diesel engines are renowned for their longevity and robust performance. They are also fuel-efficient, cost-effective, compact, and versatile. Moreover, they can be easily installed in a wide range of applications, from agricultural equipment to water pumps.

Thanks to Mitsubishi’s advanced engineering and top-of-the-line build quality, these engines have lower emission levels than other options, making them a greener choice!

Types of Mitsubishi Diesel Engines Available at Central Diesel

Central Diesel has several options when you need a Mitsubishi diesel engine. Here’s an overview of the diesel engines we offer:

Item # D03CJ-T, 27 Kilowatt (kW) Output Power

With a 27 kW output power and advanced fuel injection technology, this engine provides power and efficiency from a compact size. It’s a great choice for small to medium-sized applications, such as agricultural and construction needs.

Item # D03CJ-T-CAC-T4i, 31 Kilowatt (kW) Output Power

This engine is made for industrial machines and heavy vehicles. Its 31 kW output power and turbocharger ensure you’ll have the power necessary to get the job done.

Item # D03CJ-T-CAC-T4F, 36 Kilowatt (kW) Output Power

This engine’s output power is 36 kW, providing optimal power for demanding marine and mining needs. It also includes a cooling system to limit overheating.

Item # D04CJ-T-CAC, 40.2 Kilowatt (kW) Output Power Rating at 1500 rpm

This engine is ideal for generators or large industrial machines. With an output power of 40.2 kW and running at 1500 rpm, this product is designed for demanding, high-performance applications. It also comes with advanced emission control technologies to minimize your carbon footprint.

Item # D04EG-T-CAC, 77.8 Kilowatt (kW) Output Power Rating at 1500 rpm

With 77.8 kW output power at 1500 rpm, this is our most powerful Mitsubishi diesel engine. The high torque output ensures the most efficient operation, making it ideal for major power generation jobs and industrial work.

Item # MVL3E-W463DG-NP2, 9 Kilowatt (kW) Output Power Rating at 1800 rpm

This engine is engineered for optimal performance under challenging conditions. It operates efficiently at a 25° inclination angle with a robust cooling system to maintain ideal temperatures. It also features a Bosch-style common rail fuel system with an electronic control unit (ECU).

Item # MVL3E-W462DPA-NP2, 12.4 Kilowatt (kW) Output Power Rating at 2400 rpm

This diesel engine has an SAE 5 flywheel housing and a 6.5-inch SAE flywheel, which facilitates compatibility with various equipment configurations. Its rotation direction is also counter-clockwise when facing the flywheel end.

Item # D04CJ-T-CAC, 40 Kilowatt (kW) Output Power Rating at 2500 rpm

This option is a powerful and durable type designed for various applications. Its crankcase design boosts strength and durability, ensuring reliability even under heavy loads. It also has Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) for efficient emission management.

Item # MVS3L2-W462DPA-NP2, 17.7 Kilowatt (kW) Output Power Rating at 2500 rpm

This model has a ribbed thin-wall cast iron crankcase, which provides strength while keeping the engine lightweight. With an internal crankcase breather, it reduces emissions and contributes to a cleaner environment.

Item # MVS3L2-W462DG-NP2, 13.7 Kilowatt (kW) Output Power Rating at 1800 rpm

With 13.7 kW output power at 1800 rpm, this robust component offers reliable performance in demanding environments. It boasts a durable construction and precise engineering, making it a smart choice for powering various industrial and commercial equipment.

Item # D04CJ-TAADG, 54.5 Kilowatt (kW) Output Power Rating at 1800 rpm

This engine is specially designed for equipment with an advanced emission control system. It’s built to operate at a 20° inclination angle and features a full-flow forced circulation system powered by a trochoid gear pump.

Item # D04CJ-TAA, 44 Kilowatt (kW) Output Power Rating at 2500 rpm

This option’s electric system is designed for reliability, with a 12V starter, alternator with an integral voltage regulator, and glow plugs. Safety features include high water temperature and low oil pressure switches, ensuring smooth combustion.

Item # D03CJ-T-CAC, 36 Kilowatt (kW) Output Power Rating at 2500 rpm

This model operates efficiently even at a 20° inclination and features a full-flow forced circulation system powered by a trochoid gear pump. Its design includes a spin-on cartridge filter for easy maintenance and has an oil capacity of 6.7 liters (D03CJ model).

Item # D03CJ-T-CAC, 31 Kilowatt (kW) Output Power Rating at 2500 rpm

With 31 kW output power at 2500 rpm, this engine offers durability and longevity, making it ideal for industrial, agricultural, and automotive use. Its advanced design incorporates cutting-edge technology to deliver reliable performance and optimal fuel efficiency.

Item # D03CJ-TAADG, 35 Kilowatt (kW) Output Power Rating at 1800 rpm

This engine’s ribbed thin-wall cast iron crankcase enhances strength and longevity, while its internal crankcase breather reduces emissions. It also ensures low bearing loads and a prolonged lifespan with its extra-large bearing surfaces.

Item # D03CJ-T, 27 Kilowatt (kW) Output Power Rating at 2500 rpm

This system’s heart is its full-flow forced circulation mechanism, driven by a trochoid gear pump and complemented by a spin-on cartridge filter. It also has a centrifugal pump for continuous circulation, maintaining the engine’s temperature within the optimal range.

Item # MVS4L2-W462DG-NP2, 18.4 Kilowatt (kW) Output Power Rating at 1800 rpm

This engine is built for power and efficiency, boasting a constant rating of 18.4kW at 1800 rpm. It has a robust construction with a 4-cycle water-cooled design. Other key features include a ribbed thin-wall cast iron crankcase for durability and an internal crankcase breather for emissions reduction.

Mitsubishi Diesel Engine Industries & Applications

There are numerous uses for Mitsubishi diesel engines thanks to their reliability and versatility. They’ve been used for decades to power a variety of critical equipment and heavy vehicles, such as:

  • Generators for marine and industrial applications
  • Power trains for excavating or construction equipment
  • Water pumps
  • Compressors
  • Ship propulsion systems
  • Agriculture equipment

Mitsubishi diesel engines also feature advanced emission control technologies, providing exceptional power generation and eco-friendly operation.

Why Buy From Central Diesel

Mitsubishi diesel engines are found in vehicles and equipment by brands like CAT, Kobelco, Sumitomo, Kato, and Hyundai. Hence, if you need help determining which type of engine your application needs, Central Diesel is here to help. All our machines come with a warranty, giving you peace of mind with your purchase. We also provide aftermarket customer support as needed.

Mitsubishi Diesel Engines From Central Diesel

Mitsubishi diesel engines are versatile, efficient, and powerful for small- to large-scale applications. When you get your Mitsubishi diesel engines from Central Diesel, we offer a warranty and customer support should you encounter any issues. We serve over 4,000 customers across the construction, marine, mining, industrial, defense, government, agriculture, and other sectors, giving us the expertise to deliver reliable, high-quality solutions for diverse applications.

Browse our catalog of Mitsubishi diesel engine products, or contact us today for more information.