Mining Diesel Engines
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At the turn of the 20th century, diesel engines became the first true alternative to steam engines, being much more efficient and reliable than previous alternatives. With its unmatched durability and mechanical power, diesel technology was soon applied to underground mining equipment, creating a diesel mining industry that quickly transformed practically all other industries in America, and shortly after, the world.

Well over a century later, the impacts left by diesel mining machines and vehicles continue to this day, leaving an enduring legacy that impacts countless global industries and boosts economies at virtually every level.

Benefits Of Using Diesel Engines In Mining

Diesel mine technology has grown all the more effective, meeting and exceeding the challenges faced by the modern-day mining industry. Today, underground mining equipment has become even more advanced, still in large part to the advantages of leading diesel technologies. Compared to the alternatives, modern diesel mining machines are preferred for their unsurpassed:

  • Reliability and durability
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Cost-effectiveness

Mining conditions are incredibly harsh, involving the overlap of several challenging environmental factors at once. Underground mining equipment must be built to withstand dramatic temperature fluctuations, high levels of dust and debris, and various other hazards, often around the clock.

Diesel mining equipment easily stands up to the toughest conditions. It’s also incredibly cost-effective, with an efficient design that offers consistently high fuel economy. This makes underground mining machines and vehicles, such as mine truck engines, the most commonly relied-on technology in the mining industry. Compared to most other industries, capital costs are often much higher in the mining industry. Diesel-powered underground mining equipment fulfills a broad range of needs where cost efficiency and durability are equally important factors.

Applications Of Diesel Engines In The Mining Industry

The mining industry depends on diesel engines for several core services, which altogether allow mines to operate at a net profit where other underground mining equipment might render operations inherently unprofitable.

Generally, diesel mine technology is depended on for three core needs:

  • General heavy equipment, such as bulldozers, loaders, excavators, etc.
  • Transportation vehicles for hauling raw materials and personnel
  • Power generators, to reliably provide electricity to remote locations for both mining and land surveys

Diesel Engine Solutions for Mining by Central Diesel

The mining industry wouldn’t be what it is today without diesel-powered vehicles and underground mining machines. Far from just a historical milestone, diesel mine equipment continues to support mining operations across the globe, and diesel technology continually evolves to keep up with modern demands.

In addition to above- and underground mining vehicles, machinery, and generators, diesel mine equipment involve a wide range of specialty components for sustained operations. Central Diesel is at the forefront of mining and many other diesel-powered industries, and we’re continually honing the leading edge of diesel technology through our work in various industries.

Our partners in military, agriculture, railways, transportation, construction, and other industries depend on us to provide the widest range of diesel technologies. We build an extensive selection of diesel equipment — from electrical diesel engine components, turbocharger assemblies, and exhaust systems to generators, hydraulic lines, filtration systems, and more.

With over 4,000 customers and growing, Central Diesel has continually advanced diesel technology for over 50 years. For answers to any questions you might have about diesel mining equipment, contact us to discuss your diesel needs with a knowledgeable diesel service technician.