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  1. Give Your Security Team a Boost with Mobile Safety Products

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    Over the course of June – National Safety Month – the National Safety Council raised awareness of the most common causes of injury and death in the workplace and helped companies develop effective strategies to ensure the safety and health of their workers. As a proud supporter of National Safety Month, we wanted to take a moment to further that mission by sharing some of our safety solutions with our customers.

    How Can You Improve Workplace Safety?

    Workplace safety should be a leading priority for any company, but it doesn’t need to be a challenge. Taking these simple steps can help you keep your workplace is as safe as possible at all times.

    1. Follow OSHA Guidelines 

    The Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA) was founded to protect American workers from harmful conditions by establishing safety standards for every major industry and educating businesses on the best practices for their workplaces. Regardless of your field, be sure to acquaint yourself with any relevant OSHA regulations and follow them as closely as possible.

    2. Post Signs, Labels, and Warnings throughout the Workplace

    Workplace accidents are usually the product of carelessness or ignorance rather than deliberately unsafe behavior. Outlining the precautions that employees need to take before entering a certain space or handling a particular piece of equipment can significantly reduce the risk of injury or death on the job.

    3. Employee Training and Certification Programs

    At the end of the day, the best safeguard against occupational hazards is a well-informed staff. All employees should receive thorough instruction in any tasks or processes in which they’re involved, and any functions that could endanger the entire workplace if performed improperly should be limited to employees with special certifications.

    Mobile Safety Products to Add to Your Worksite

    While these common sense measures can improve safety throughout the workplace, recent technological innovations can prove an invaluable addition to your company’s safety procedures. At Central Diesel, we’re pleased to produce a number of mobile safety products that can further strengthen your efforts to protect your employees.

    Our mobile safety solutions are designed to shore up your safety strategies wherever necessary. Our Mobile Surveillance System, for example, constantly monitors any space that requires heightened visibility, helping you ward off intruders or unauthorized employees. Similarly, our Mobile Lighting Systems can increase visibility in any environment in which light is limited, eliminating a common cause of workplace accidents.

    Following National Safety Month, it’s an ideal time to review and modify your safety strategies as necessary. Take the time to thoroughly assess your operations and speak with employees to identify possible risks and develop effective solutions to them. From conducting necessary trainings to investing in appropriate safety equipment, don’t hesitate to make needed changes.

    At Central Diesel, we’re committed improving American companies with cost-effective safety products that provide lasting protection from any occupational hazard. If you’d like to explore our offerings, contact us today.

  2. Why You Should Choose Diesel Engines

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    The diesel engine is increasingly becoming a standard for drivers who need dependable and cost-efficient transportation. Relying on compression ignition and diesel fuel, inventor Rudolph Diesel’s motor has spawned an industry known for fuel economy. With fuel prices continuing to rise along with demand, high-powered diesel engines can provide benefits that outweigh those of engines run by gasoline.

    How Does Diesel Work? 

    Diesel Engine in the Central Diesel ShowroomOne major difference between diesel and gas engines is their ignition process. Gas engines run with spark ignition. Diesel engines use compression ignition. The fuel pulls into the engine and is subjected to high compression. That compression creates heat; diesel engines function at much higher temperatures. When the system achieves optimum pressure and temperature, the fuel that enters the engine ignites, with the heat of the combustion chamber causing a reaction between the diesel and the oxygen. A vehicle’s exhaust systems can expel any by-products.

    Diesel engines receive fuel and air at varying junctures during operation. A gas engine receives a mixture of gas and air to run. A diesel engine compresses only air, so intake throttling is unnecessary to control power within it. Diesel engines require a fuel injector to operate, while gasoline engines use a carburetor or gasoline injectors.

    But why buy diesel? Is diesel better? There are certainly pros and cons of diesel engines. It’s no secret that diesel engines can be noisier, and their fuel typically costs quite a bit more than standard gasoline. The reason for this is density. Diesel’s energy density is far higher, so the same amount of diesel provides much more energy than its counterpart. Diesel Fuel has a longer combustion process (burning process) which results in a higher torque curve. As a result, diesel offers much higher mileage. These engines also have a long lifespan with proper maintenance. 

    Adding to that their greater torque and functionality in colder temperatures, the advantages of diesel engines give it applications in heavy-duty transport vehicles like long-haul trucks and equipment, power generators, and construction equipment. Overall, this engine type continues to draw greater attention for its fuel-related advantages.

    Benefits of Using Diesel Engines

    Why is diesel better than gas? A diesel engine in the showroom at Central Diesel

    • Durability. Diesel engines last longer than others. A variety of reasons contribute to this fact. Diesel engines use stronger parts to support stressors like heavier vehicles or machines. The fuel’s lubricating properties are far superior to those of gasoline, which is another element credited with better reliability and strength.
    • Energy density. Another benefit of diesel is that you are able to extract more energy out of it than gasoline, and so less diesel is necessary for longer distances.
    • Fewer parts. As diesel engines do not have distributors or spark plugs, fewer parts can lead to fewer necessary tune-ups. However, this is with the caveat that diesel engines do require regular filter and oil changes to continue running smoothly due to diesel’s high viscosity.
    • Fuel efficiency. The greatest advantage diesel offers is its fuel-efficiency, which translates to cost savings. Diesel engines burn less fuel than a gas-powered vehicle in the long run while doing the same amount of work. If you have two automobiles, one diesel, and one gas, and fill them with the same amount of fuel, you will travel much farther in the diesel vehicle.
    • Improvements in clean energy. Diesel engines are cleaner than before, with a smaller carbon footprint. Scientists discovered new methods in 2015 of harnessing diesel for even cleaner-burning engines. The estimate at the time was that these new engines could be available to the public within five to 10 years.
    • Safety. Another factor in the growing demand for diesel engines is that of safety. Simply put, diesel isn’t remotely as dangerous as gasoline. The fuel and its vapors are much less combustible and volatile. Diesel also doesn’t release the same amount of fumes as gas.

    Diesel Engines & Products From Central Diesel, Inc.

    The benefits of diesel cars and engines make them a great choice for applications in the marine, rental, mining, construction, military, state and federal government, agriculture, and transportation industries. Central Diesel can help you meet your engine requirements in these fields.

    We began in 1972 as a supplier of diesel engines and parts. Since then, Central Diesel is proud to have gained over 4,000 loyal customers by striving for 100% customer satisfaction. We continue to be a distributor for a growing number of esteemed product lines such as Deutz and Mitsubishi.

    Please contact us to see our wide variety of diesel engines & learn how we can serve your diesel needs. You can also request further information on our products.



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