The Future of Engines & Fuel: A 2018 Outlook

It is next to impossible to imagine the world in existence without the origin of early power sources. In fact, the early 19th century is noted for its “power gap” where a lot of stalled progress was made on the back of the invention of the engine.

Over the last few decades, massive changes have swept this market. From the obsession with clean energy that calls for a completely different take on traditional power production to breakthroughs that have allowed us to do more with less fuel – the need for engines and their systems continues forward.

With 2018 in front of us, experts are cautiously optimistic about the future of the industry.

What Can the Engine & Fuel Injection Industry Expect Over the Next 12 Months?

Some of the biggest buyers of this sector are seeing robust growth.

Commercial fleets and aviation regularly invest in the R&D for better engines and 2018 augers well for them. The massive 1.3 trillion-dollar US freight industry is expanding at a rapid pace and with 1.4 million new vacancies, it is interested in recruiting workers who will view trucking as a lucrative career and not something to fall back on if other opportunities dry up. With this focus on improvement, the ATA has predicted a consistent annual spike of 3.4% in prospects for trucking businesses – well into 2023.

The automotive industry isn’t lagging behind either. Bolstered by low gas prices and a pick up in the housing curve – which has a strong correlation with domestic car purchases – it will continue to generate demand for engines and parts.

2018 also happens to be the year that was marked for the maturity of the fuel injection systems industry. The sector will peak at a value of $72.5 billion and the US will be one of the chief drivers of the momentum. There is no doubt that the concern for a greener world is here to stay and fuel injection systems – especially for gasoline – promise to provide a range of benefits including reduced pollution.

Central Diesel Inc. is Ready for the Upsurge:

As a reliable provider of engines, clean diesel engines, filtration systems, exhaust systems, electrical components and generators, we have successfully served the national government, transportation businesses, fabrication specialists and the automotive industry for close to 5 decades.

We are known for our ability to custom design parts and extend consultation, support and maintenance services for various niches.

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Business Benefits of Reducing Your Carbon Footprint in the Transportation Industry

Environmental Benefits of Equipment Maintenance

Being a leader in either the transportation or energy industry means taking on a knowledgeable role in environmental impact. Keeping your equipment maintained and up-to-date is one of the best ways to reduce your TCO (Total Carbon Output) ratio. Properly retaining your diesel engine is especially important to decrease emission effects.


  • Play a knowledgeable role
  • Maintain your equipment
  • Uphold your diesel engine

Business Benefits of Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Protecting and sustaining your gear not only upholds the environment, but is also proven to reduce downtime, increasing both productivity and profitability. Cutting/dropping your carbon production is a more effective solution than any other energy option available today.


  • Maintenance cuts your TCO
  • Reduces downtime
  • Increases productivity
  • Increases profitability

Central Diesel’s Initiative

Central Diesel, Inc. is committed to conservation efforts. We continually research and review technologies that allow us to lessen our carbon footprint. Take for example our use of electricity. In just the last four years we have been able to reduce our KW usage by over one-half. At the rate we are going, we will further reduce it to a mere 25% of what we were using as recently as 2013. Certain months require more electric usage, but overall we are on the steady decline of KW usage each year.

A good portion of our company vehicles are diesel powered. This allows us to reduce our fuel consumption expenses by over 25%.

Who We Are

We are a distributor of engines, premier fuel injections systems, and parts. We also offer rebuilding, parts, and many other custom services to diesel-powered equipment markets. We are an authorized, factory-trained, fuel injections and diesel engine specialty company with the goal of meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Other services we offer are custom built generator sets, irrigation pumps, hydraulic pump packages and power units.

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Mobile Generators

Generators are extremely useful pieces of equipment – they are your own personal power plant, turning fuel into electricity when you need it on-demand. There are a number of different generators out there, both permanent and mobile, and ranging from units that a single person can carry to units that require a vehicle to move.

G290 Mobile Generators

Benefits of Mobile Generators

Mobile generators offer maneuverability and flexibility that a permanent generator cannot. While mobile generators may have reduced output capabilities – after all, there is only a finite amount of weight that can easily be towed around and positioned in sometimes soft ground – you can move them from site to site. While a semi-permanent or permanent generator may take days to install and get going, a mobile generator can generally be dropped right on site and started up immediately.

Mobile generators also offer the ability to be swapped out for maintenance easily. Where a permanent generator will have to be powered down and may cause a site to be without power for a little bit, a mobile generator can be swapped out for another mobile generator when maintenance is needed, leading to minimal downtime.

Times When You’ll Want  Mobile Generator

  • Emergencies – Everything from fires, to tornadoes, to accidents can knock out power, and in an emergency, having power can be the difference between life and death. A mobile generator ensures power, regardless of the remoteness or urgency of an emergency.
  • Outdoor Events – Running hundreds or thousands of feet of temporary wiring from the closest hard-wired power point can be dangerous. When an outdoor event requires power, a mobile generator can be placed at an advantageous spot, minimizing electrical hazards, trip hazards, and the need to buy thousands of feet of electrical wiring.
  • Job Sites – Especially in the early phases of a project, you may find the need for electricity for power tools and lighting before electric has been run to the site. A mobile generator means you can move from job site to job site, and always be sure that your tools will have the power they need to do the job.
  • Power Back-up – At home or at your business, power outages can strike at any time. A mobile generator can provide immediate response, and it can be stowed off-site or in a storage building when not needed, so it stays out of your way.

Here at Central Diesel, we carry the best in Doosan Infracore Generators. These heavy-duty generator systems are designed for the rigors of special event, construction job site, and emergency usage. Mounted on wheeled platforms, they can be towed to where they are needed, and removed when you need to move them to the next site. So contact us today to find out how we can help your mobile generator needs!