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  1. Problem Solving For Our Customers

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    At Central Diesel Inc, we believe in long term working relationships with our customers. Every day we solve our customer’s problems, whether they be short term or long term. We listen to our customer’s concerns and we research and provide them with solutions that will have a positive effect on their TCO over a period of time.

    Each year, we commit to training and tooling to meet the expectations of our customers. In the first quarter of this year, we raised the level our service to our customer base by being one of the first to achieve “World Wide Service standards” by Kubota.

    By also providing a 14 month warranty on all the service work we do to factory specifications, we provide a level of satisfaction to our customer base that leads the industry.

    Central Diesel Inc, problem solvers today, tomorrow and in the future.

  2. Diesel Engines are Revolutionizing Agriculture

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    U.S. based agriculture has changed drastically over the past few decades. Even though farm and plot sizes have increased, the introduction of automation and mechanization has offered farmers the ability to work independently without being completely reliant on seasonal labor.

    Diesel Tractor Agriculture

    In our previous blogs we’ve discussed some of the different industries where diesel engines are used, as well as the shift to clean diesel technology only.  Below we look at the reasons why the diesel industry is vital to US agriculture.

    Why is Diesel the Mainstay of US Agriculture?

    Diesel isn’t just the life blood of tractors and vehicles racing across the highways. Agricultural equipment has also left gasoline alternatives behind to embrace diesel. There are a number of advantages accompanying this move:

    1. Diesels produce more torque at lower engine speeds thanks to combustion ignition.
    2. Diesel engines typically use 25% to 35% less fuel than spark based engines. For low-speed applications, this is even more critical.
    3. Diesels can support high power outputs at low speeds. Diesel engines produce less wasted heat and in the process they can tow heavy loads and run for longer periods of time without causing damage to the moving parts of the engine.
    4. The durability of diesel engines is unquestionable. They don’t need to be called in for frequent repairs or re-buildings, and when an overhaul is needed the process is far less complicated than for other engines.

    Diesel Gets Better with New Clean Technology:

    The clean technology diesel engines are a marvel of technological advancement. They have leveraged the trifecta of low sulfur fuel, clean burning mechanism, and effective emission control and exhaust treatment to already reduce 7.5 million tons of NOX, 39 million tons of CO2 and have saved over 65 million barrels of diesel oil since 2010.

    Diesel fuel and clean tech diesel engines are not only making US agriculture more productive and economically important, they are also working behind the scenes to conserve fuel, save money and cut down on noxious fumes which add to the pollution caused by this sector.

    At Central Diesel Inc. we are a premium distributor of diesel engines, parts, and other custom services. Our mission is to be a quality supplier of diesel engines and parts as well as offering unsurpassed solutions to our customers.  For more information on the products we offer, please contact us here.

  3. CDI’s Commitment to Quality

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    In our September blog, we mentioned that “Clean Diesel Engines” were leading the way to a cleaner environment around the world in all market segments.

    Deutz has been one of the leaders in this break-through technology, to meet emission regulations today and into the future. Rudolf Diesel, the inventor of the diesel engine, was one of the founding fathers of Deutz over 150 years ago.

    Deutz continues this legacy by offering their customers initial cost effective solutions and reduced total cost of ownership expenses compared to their competition.

    As a distributor and partner of Deutz, CDI is committed to offering our customers the best service solutions today and into the future. To meet these obligations, CDI has to continually invest in training and tooling to meet the high standards of Deutz and our customer’s expectations.

    CDI commits $50,000 To $150,000 each year to training and equipment to meet and exceed these standards for our customers. CDI verifies this commitment by supplying our customers with a 14 month unlimited hours or miles warranty on service work.

    Our commitment to a high service standard is reflected in our standing with Deutz Corporation:

    SERNET Rating

  4. Why You Should Choose Diesel Engines

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    At Central Diesel, we are in the business of supplying both diesel engines and the components of diesel engines. A diesel engine is a type of internal combustion engine where heat produced by the compression of air in the cylinder is used to ignite the diesel fuel. There are many benefits to using diesel engines over other internal combustion engines such as gasoline fueled engines.

    Diesel Engine in the Central Diesel Showroom

    Efficiency and Fuel Economy

    One of the main advantages of diesel engines is the efficiency and fuel economy it offers. Diesel engines burn less fuel than gasoline or petrol engine when performing the same work. This means that with equal amounts of both diesel and gasoline, you would be able to travel a further distance when using the diesel fuel. Diesel fuel allows for a greater distance traveled for a much cheaper price.


    Safety is another great advantage of diesel engines. They are considered to be safer than gasoline engines as diesel fuel itself is less volatile, and its vapor is less explosive than gasoline. Diesel fuel also does not release fumes like gasoline does, as it produces minimal carbon monoxide compared to gasoline. New methods to produce cleaner diesel have recently been discovered by scientists and is projected to be used in cars in the next 5-10 years. This new method will help to emit less carbon dioxide into the environment.


    Diesel engines also tend to be longer lasting than other types of engines. This can be due to the use of stronger parts than in gas engine components as diesel engines are generally used to move heavier vehicles and machines. Diesel fuel also has excellent lubricating properties which contributes to better reliability and durability.

    A diesel engine in the showroom at Central Diesel

    Central Diesel supplies a variety of diesel engines. Engines are available in various models with vertical in-line and in-line cylinder arrangements. Take a look at our entire product line on our website and connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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