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  1. Factory Authorized Common Rail Injector Testing and Repair

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    At Central Diesel, Inc., it is our mission to be a quality supplier of diesel engines, parts and services that offer unsurpassed solutions to our customers.  Besides being a product distributor, we have also been a specialist in fuel injection since our company was created in 1972.  While manufacturers have come and gone over the 40+ years we have been in existence, we are always working to be factory authorized for the products we test and repair.

    Fuel injection system

    To make sure our customers receive the best service available from us, we are always working to improve our capabilities.  At Central Diesel we are continually investing in personnel, equipment, training, technologies and practices to supply our customers with the best service available.   An example of how these investments have led to change over the years is how in 1972, Central Diesel rebuilt a fuel system to factory specifications and warrantied that fuel system for 90 days.  Today when a fuel system is rebuilt by us to factory specifications, we warranty that system for 14 months.  This big increase from 90 days is because we know the quality of our work, and that the fuel system, if properly installed and maintained by the customer or end user will last at least that long. In most cases, we do not see the fuel system again for many years or sometimes with a different owner.

    As of 2016, we are factory authorized for the following manufacturers:

    • Stanadyne
    • Delphi (CR Fuel Systems)
    • Bosch (CR Fuel Systems)
    • Yanmar
    • Denso (CR Fuel Systems)
    • Zexel
    • Alliant Power
    • Siemens

    In addition to our fuel injection and diesel engine services, we also custom build generator sets, irrigation pumps, hydraulic pump packages and power units.   Our services include rebuilding, parts and other custom services for the diesel fuel injection markets.  Visit our website to learn about our full capabilities and offerings.

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