While it may seem obvious that maintaining your fuel system is very important, many times customers simply ignore this fact. We like to notify our customers about their fuel systems when we feel that there may be a problem. For instance, we know that since ultra low sulfur fuel has been introduced, there have been a number of unforeseen repairs on fuel tanks, lines and even the diesel engine itself. ULSD has a lower lubricity which may cause unnecessarily wear .

The new fuels can cause internal diesel injector deposit if left untreated. These kinds of deposits slow the response of moving parts which can result in the loss of control injection event timing or fuel delivered. And no one wants a loss of power, especially when it’s needed most. We highly recommend that fuel systems be maintained at regular intervals, and that extra precautions be taken when using ULSD.

Below are some images we have of our customer’s fuel systems that weren’t maintained correctly. Our expertise with diesel engines and fuel injection systems make us highly capable in helping eliminating these potential problems with your equipment. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

This illustrates a customer not maintaining their fuel system. The customer was notified many times to check his fuel system for water. They did not and it resulted in the complete fuel system failing on this piece of equipment. $8000 later, and the machine was up and running properly. A simple inspection could saved them both money and a headache.


The following picture illustrates a fuel system not being maintained properly and causing premature damage to the fuel injection pump. Notice the rust and pit marks.



The last picture again shows poor maintenance of the fuel system.


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